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ATLAS Cloud 2.1612-1 Release Notes


The information below details the main updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud 2.1612-1: 

Improved administrator functionality

There have been improvements to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Session report: a user administrator can now run a session report to monitor tests that are 'in progress' by a candidate with details including number of questions answered, time taken, as well as date and time started
  • 'End Test' functionality: a system administrator can end an incomplete test on behalf of a candidate, without the need to open the test, by using the 'End Test' button on the Administration interface Results tab . If you would like to use this feature please contact support to check requirements for setup.

Item Banking

There have been improvements to the flexibility of customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • New grouped items question type: an item can be set with instructions to include several questions to be viewed on the same screen using the new grouped item type
  • New accordian template: it is possible to apply a template to a grouped item allowing the questions within it to be expanded and collapsed
  • Historical item statistics importing: it is now possible to import historical item statistics into the item bank
  • Hide preview link in item and test view: it is possible to hide the preview link function to stop preview access externally from ATLAS Cloud
  • Reinstated friends and enemies question dependency: allows an administrator to set whether particular questions should (friends) or shouldn't (enemies) follow a question. This allows flexibility with adaptive and random selection
  • Friends and enemies count display: columns have been added to the item view to show the friends and enemies count. See the feature above for more details on friends and enemies
  • Add reference fields to an item: item administrators can add a collection of references to an item. Each reference has a group of attributes associated with it, for example, author, title, year, publisher, publication, pages, notes  
  • Editable item ID: item administrators can change the item (question) ID of an un-published item. Published streams in which the item is linked and associated with will remain un-changed
  • Define and generate item IDs automatically: An item bank administrator can define a collection of automatic question ID patterns including a user defined string and an integer variable. Once defined, for each new question that is created the integer will increment automatically
  • Question type visibility configuration: a system administrator can enable or disable the visibility of item bank question types via the item bank settings button
  • Multiple comments: it is possible to add multiple comments to an item. The user role will determine the level of access to edit/update/delete the comments. The comments remain with the item across all its instances within ATLAS Cloud  
  • New SKU fields: Once configured within the virtual server administration, a new SKU field is visible within the test properties page which can be used as part of the resource name when generating a report, viewing report results and when listing tests within the administrator catalogue 


Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the PSI support team. 

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