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ATLAS Cloud Release Notes 2.1703


The information below details the main updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud 2.1703:

Improved user experience

There has been an improvement to enhance the user experience on ATLAS Cloud:

  • System Requirements Check for audio: it is now possible for ATLAS Cloud users to test their audio capture device using the Audio Capture button from the System Requirements Check on the ATLAS Cloud home page. If there are no audio capture tests then the Audio Capture button will not be shown. This feature is beneficial in ensuring the correct setup is available prior to starting audio testing

Improved administrator functionality

There have been improvements to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Automatically end tests: there is now an option to automatically end tests after a time period of inactivity. The auto end test duration can now be set for each of the resource categories. So a test can be automatically ended by the system after x amount of minutes of inactivity. This provides the ability to ensure tests are not left inactive
  • Invigilator key additional settings: a System Administrator can customise the list of values displayed in the Duration drop down menu on the Create Invigilator Key web page via Virtual Server settings. A System Administrator can enable or disable the visibility of the drop down menu Set Key visibility which is displayed on the Create Invigilator Key web page via the Virtual Server settings. Please contact PSI Support for help with setting up these new features. Both of these settings allow greater flexibility when using Invigilator Keys
  • Restriction on setting resource limits: by default, all user administrators have read/write access to the Limits tab. A System Administrator can now change the Limits access from read/write to read only by removing the permission administrate_resource_limits from the user administrator role. This features provides greater control on access to resource limits 
  • Test Validation Report Enhancement: there is now a test validation report for the random with constraints exams

Item Banking

There have been improvements to the flexibility of customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • Accessibility profile: resource texts that are applied to tests, and then selected for specific user profiles under the Setting option, can allow for accessibility options such as extra time and large print. This feature enables multiple settings to be applied to different users. This requires system configuration prior to use.
  • Workflow state column: the workflow state of each item can now be displayed in the items list. Items can also now be filtered by workflow state, as well as workflow status, using the Workflow and Status filters. This feature aids item bank administration
  • Re-test timeframe: there is now a 'Time Between' setting that can be applied to a test, in test properties, that can specify a set time frame, in hours, that must elapse between an initial test being taken and the re-test. This is useful to enforce certification rulings
  • Control export metadata via assigned permission: the ability to export metadata is only possible via the item bank administrator role now not the item bank item administrator role. This enables greater control and security over who can export item bank metadata 
  • Automatically calculate difficulty average for grouped tasks: Derived Task Difficulty automatically updates for the parent grouped item when configured with child items with these values. The parent value updates when a child value is amended. This provides greater automation in adaptive testing
  • Automatic random selection for branch items: Branch item selections can be provided randomly by the system. Candidates can then choose from that selection of tests. If the candidate selection is not made within a set time frame, the system will make a random test selection for them. This can provide improved testing automation and end user support
  • Branch item warning message: a branch item can now show a warning message to the user asking if they would like to answer the item they have selected. This can support the candidate in case they have selected an item by accident
  • Answer button functionality: it is now possible to disable and enable the answer button through the use of the Add CSS class and Remove CCS class in the items object play list. This allows greater testing control
  • Accessibility playlist extra time: for accessibility purposes, a percentage of extra time is applied to the play list, which includes the timer and pauses, if the candidate has been given the percentage extra time on their user profile. This assists in providing greater automation for accessibility
  • Item design templates: an item bank test administrator can customize the position and the selection of controls that will be displayed during a test. In some configurations, theme changes are required for this feature to produce the desired display result. These templates can provide greater flexibility and control for tests, as well as a more streamlined user experience
  • Collapsable Header: created/modified date and username can now be collapsed and hidden when viewing items. This can focus the item reviewing process
  • Breadcrumb Navigation: improvements have been made to the item bank navigation links. Within an item bank, the tabs that used to be displayed across the top of the page now display down the left of the page, and breadcrumb navigation links display across the top of the page. This helps to simplify the navigation within the item bank 
  • Drag and Drop Text Items: the drag and drop text drop areas can now be represented as separate questions with a separate difficulty in the same way as grouped questions. This provides greater flexibility for testing
  • Item save prompt: a message now appears to prompt the item administrator to save when navigating away from the item page
  • Auto save capability: a system administrator can set a time, in minutes, for an auto save under the item bank settings
  • Test UI default settings: it is now possible for an item bank test administrator to save the test UI settings as a default to be used for other tests within the same item bank. These settings can be exported and then imported into another item bank
  • Metadata field inclusion: the metadata fields are now included in the main item page
  • Booking Integrator API enhancement: a booking integrator call can now be sent to the server which will return the list of responses, in XML format, that the candidate submitted during the online test

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the PSI support team.

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