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Problem downloading or loading a DLL


There was a problem with a .dll file. This can happen for many reasons, including:

  • It was not possible to download it.
  • The download was corrupted.
  • The computer you are using is not running Microsoft Windows.
  • An antivirus system does not allow you to download .dll or .exe type of files.
  • A firewall or content filter does not allow you to download .dll or .exe type of files.

If you also got an error message on the .NET part of the System Requirements Check, it is probably caused by not having the .NET Framework installed. See what to do if .NET is not installed

If you believe that the problem is caused by security settings on your PC or your local network, you may need to talk to your network administrator.

If you need further help, please copy the logfile and send it to PSI support. Either use the File:English.SysreqCopyLogfile.png button on the system requirements page or copy the text from the java console. Read this if you don't know how to open the Java Console.


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