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Support for ATLAS Cloud 01/01/16 onwards - for those not using in-application testing


In response to ongoing changes in browser technology, we are updating our support provision from 1st January 2016.  To summarise, this will include the ending of support for:

  1. Browser versions that are no longer supported by the application provider
  2. The ATLAS Cloud classic user interface
  3. Microsoft XP

It is important to stress that we are not, at this point in time, removing functionality and that the components detailed above will continue be available until further notice.  However, we will no longer be providing support for these components and therefore our initial response to any support query relating to them will be that you move to a supported version, as follows:

  • A browser version supported by the application provider
  • The new ATLAS Cloud user interface
  • Windows 7, 8, 10

As we will no longer be updating our software to fix issues arising from the use of these components, where no effective workaround is available, then there will be no fix.

Specific details are as follows:

1)      Suspension of support for older browsers

In line with Microsoft’s policy on browser support, only the following versions will continue to receive support: 


Windows Desktop OS                           Internet Explorer Version 


Windows Vista SP2                                 Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 SP1                                       Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8.1 Update                               Internet Explorer 11

Windows 10                                             Internet Explorer 11


In addition, we will continue to support the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. We also plan to announce official support for Safari in the near future, although this will not include the use of in-application testing.

2) End of support for classic user interface (UI)

The new user UI has now been overwhelmingly adopted and new functionality is no longer tested against the classic UI.  The classic UI will therefore cease to be supported.

3) Microsoft XP

Microsoft XP ceased to be supported by Microsoft as of 08/04/2014 and therefore will cease to be supported as an operating environment for ATLAS Cloud.

Please note that Microsoft’s support end date for MS Vista is currently 11/04/17.

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