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ATLAS Cloud 2.1604-1 Release Notes


The information below details the updates included in the latest release of ET2, now named ATLAS Cloud: 

User interface

As part of our brand harmonisation with the rest of PSI's products and services, ET2 has been restyled as ATLAS Cloud. The impact this has will depend on how you see ET2.

  • If you currently use ET2 with the standard interface, this will change from the ET2 logo and brand colours to our new ATLAS Cloud logo and brand colours
  • If you still use the classic user interface, this will not change; however, please be aware that since 1 January this year, this interface is no longer supported
  • If you use a custom user interface, this will not change

New URLs

As well as the restyled user interface, the URLs used to connect to ATLAS Cloud have changed. You will have received an individual notification of your own URL ahead of the update. For a period of time, both the current URLs and the new ones will enable you to access ATLAS Cloud. However, it is our intention to decommission the old URLs in September 2016, so we would advise you to encourage your users to start using the new URLs straight away.

Please note, if you're using a new URL with Google Chrome then your candidates will be prompted to redownload the plug-in and extension at the system requirements page. This can be installed ahead of time using the instructions, found here.

No www. prefix

Part of the infrastructure enhancements we have made with this update will require all users to enter their ATLAS Cloud URL (whether using the old or new format) without the www. prefix. This is common practice already for the vast majority of users, but please be aware that following the update, you will no longer be able to access ATLAS Cloud if you use the www.prefix.


We have made improvements for those using ATLAS Cloud for Administrating as well as taking tests.

The enhancements include:

  • Improved usability: including mouse display interaction and invigilation key conditioning
  • Enhanced result details: test start time recorded on the result page 
  • Enhanced permissions: related to field conditioning 
  • Improved background information for reporting: improved user interaction log
  • Reporting: improved cross group reporting for Managers and number of columns available for Results Report

Item Banking

We have made great improvements for those using ATLAS Cloud to create their own Item Banks for customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • Improved usability: enhanced item editing, filtering and conditioning for ease of use and setup including column show/hide, scientific calculator, end of section review page implementation, item cloning implementation, improved substream administration, advanced MPL administration, increased object ordering capability, implementation of item bank test preview for different screen resolutions, improved test sequencing, implementaion of multi- language support tags and the ability to add sign language videos
  • Implementation of Audio Capabilities: ability to assign multiple audio files to each alternative for an item
  • Implementation of Image Capabilities - ability to assign multiple image files to each alternative for an item
  • Enhanced Role Permissions: improved permission conditions
  • Import/Export: conditional migration of item banks and ability to export a test to word
  • Dynamic Workflow Implementation: a comprehensive conditioning item bank workflow structure enabling ease of administration and setup 


We have made the following updates to assist with the information available in the background to the system:

  • More detailed client log information 

Online Help Documentation

We have created a NEW Online ATLAS Cloud Administrator Guide which is available online in a streamlined and easy to access format via the Help Centre here which contains the main tasks required by Administrators as well as the Candidate experience for new customer reference.


Should you have any questions or require further information on any of the above, please contact the PSI support team. 

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