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ATLAS Cloud 2.1809-2 Release Notes


This update will include several bug fixes and enhancements to increase the platforms stability.

The following features are also added in this release:

User interface

  • Clicking on the test timer now functions correctly. Clicking on it once hides it, clicking on it again reveals the timer and the correct amount of time left.
  • When answering an Essay Question the answer text box now has focus for the candidate to start their written response.
  • For customers working as an administrator in ATLAS Cloud, there is now a pop-up warning that indicates your session is expiring due to inactivity in 5 minutes. The pop-up appears at the top of the page  allowing an extension to the session, without being moved from the page and without affecting the current session.
  • For customers working as an administrator within an ATLAS Cloud item bank, there is a new Reports menu revealed when logged into an item bank. Depending on where you are in the item bank (Items, Tests or Streams) these are: Save Item(s) as Word or Excel documents, a Stream Summary Report, an Item Distribution Report and an Export Item List.



Should you have any questions or require further information on any of the above, please contact the PSI support team. 

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