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ATLAS Cloud 2.1812 Release Notes


This update will include several bug fixes and enhancements to increase the platforms stability.

The following features are also added in this release:

  • ATLAS Cloud to allow Tests/Streams to override existing Tests/Streams on import: A test administrator can now import a resource and replace existing streams with streams within the import file. The feature should be used with caution as you can overwrite live active streams.
  • Ability to "Lock" streams: An item bank administrator can now toggle an item bank setting that will prevent users from editing an active stream when the "active" check box is checked. In order to edit an active stream a test administrator would now need to intentionally deactivate the stream first in order to make edits.
  • Ability to randomize Trial items in a test: New test structure group 'Random Selection Insert Parent' allows better Trial item randomization.A new test structure group type called "Random Selection Insert Parent" has been added. This group works the same as a regular Random Selection group except that it will place the result of the selection in the parent group. This means that if you have several Random Selection Insert Parent groups as children of a Random Order group, the selected items from these groups will be put into the Random Order group and have their order randomized.
  • Change Flagged items reminder frequency when ending section/test: The end test pop-up will now only launch in two situations: automatically when the last question in the test is answered, and manually when the candidate clicks the "End Test" button. The "automatically answer question on navigation" setting has no effect in this.
  • Inclusion of Image Files and Additional Formatting Options in Scenario Text Field in Item Bank: Images and more formatting options now supported in Scenarios HTML editor. Images are added to the scenario field by image reference. Use image name, not number, when referencing in Scenarios.


Should you have any questions or require further information on any of the above, please contact the PSI support team. 

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