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04. The Candidate Experience - Viewing Test Results


Viewing Test Results

When a test has been ended either by the Candidate, or the Timer (for a Certification test), the results page for that test will automatically be displayed. The results page provides details of the score/s, date and time of the test and, for a Diagnostic test only, the questions answered incorrectly will also be seen.

The results page of any test taken can be viewed by selecting the Results link on the Candidate View and clicking on the result.

Please note the Candidate can print these pages using the Print button

Scroll down to view the results. The results are shown as percentages in text and visually using a coloured horizontal bar chart broken down by Category. The cut-off score and the overall score of the test are also shown.

Diagnostic tests offer Candidates additional feedback including incorrectly or unanswered questions as well as the correct answer alternatives.

Scroll down to view the results and feedback.

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