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11. Administrator - Navigation, Quick Search and Logging Out


Access to Administration tasks within ATLAS Cloud is covered in the following main areas:

  • Tree Structure
  • Organization
  • Reports
  • Quick Search

The Tree Structure

The users and groups are found under the tree structure on the left hand side of the screen. The tree structure is opened using the arrows (to the left of the folders) and the following tabs are available to apply to users and groups:

  • Credits are allocated under the Balance tab
  • Assignments are allocated under the Assignments tab
  • Add/Edit/Remove Users on the Members tab

The Organization Menu

Tasks related to the organisation are carried out under the Organization drop down menu, located on the top left hand side of the screen header. Some examples of the types of tasks are:

  1. Create new users and groups
  2. Remove users
  3. Cut, paste and move users
  4. Search for username, first name, last name or birthdate
  5. Create Invigilator keys
  6. Restore users


The Reports menu provides access to the various built-in standard reports.

The standard reports include:

  • All Results Report
  • Results Report
  • Prepaid Report
  • Consumption Report
  • Pending Report
  • Certificate Report
  • Volume Report

The most commonly used report is the All Results Report.  Please refer to the Administrator - Standard Reports sections for information on how to run one of the reports.

Quick Search

There are two ways to search for a user: a quick search and a detailed search.  The top bar in the page header contains the quick search feature represented by a blank search field with a magnifying glass. This field enables a search by username or name.

To carry out a quick search:

  1. Type the name in the quick search field (located to the right of the Reports drop down)
  2. Select the Search icon (magnifying glass) or press Enter

Please note that more complicated user searches, or searches for a group, are possible using the search function found under the Organization drop down menu.  Please see the Administrator - Searching for Users section.

Logging Out

To log out of the system select the Logout option under the user name drop down in the top right hand corner of the screen.


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