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18. Administrator - Bulk Importing


Please note that bulk importing should not be used for awarding body certifications such as BCS. In this instance, the Administrator - Downloading Users section should be referred to.

Creating the Import File

When importing users, start by making an Excel file that contains the users to import. The first line contains the column names as shown below.

The first column should be 'systemname' and contain the usernames that are to be used by the Candidates.

Commonly used column names are:

systemname - username

password – default password

onetimepassword – same as password but forces a change on first login

familyname - surname

givenname – first name

path – path to the folder where the candidate will reside. Subfolders are separated by /.

(Please note that great care must be taken when using this column because subfolders will be constructed based on this information)

The file should be saved as a CSV ready for import. Now we can switch to ATLAS Cloud.

Importing the Import File into ATLAS Cloud

To import the user import file: 

  1. Select the group on the tree structure that the users will be imported into.
  2. Click Organization
  3. Select Import
  4. Click Import Users Bulk
  5. Click the Choose file Please note that this screen shows the list of Supported Headers on the right hand side of the screen.
  6. Select the CSV file and then click the Import 

The users will then appear in the tree structure folder selected. If there are any errors please return back to the import file and make the changes required and reimport.

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