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25. Administrator - Deallocating Test Credits


Deallocating Credits

To deallocate a credit from a single user:

  1. Select the relevant Candidate in the Candidates folder
  2. Click the Balance tab
  3. Scroll down to view the correct category required. You can see the credits currently allocated to the Candidate in the first numbered column to the right of the credit category
  4. Click the Advanced button to the right of the credit category required
  5. The Balance fields will be displayed and the number of test credits to be deallocated can be typed in the Deallocate field
  6. Then, from the adjacent drop down list, select the Customer name/number, as shown below
  7. Click the Deallocate button. A transaction listing displays, prompting confirmation of the transaction.  The specified number of test credits are deallocated from the Candidate and added to the Customer balance 
  8. Click the Ok button to continue
  9. Click on the Balance tab to return to the test credit listings

The selected Candidate now shows the credits removed.

Clearing Accounts

All available credits that have been allocated at group and Candidate level can be removed in bulk using the Clear all accounts function. Any unused credits beneath the group currently selected will be deallocated back to that group.

To clear all accounts:

  1. In the Organization tree select the level requiring all the credits underneath to be cleared back to
  2. Click on the Balance tab
  3. Click the Advanced button to the right of the required category
  4. Under Clear all accounts (located at the bottom of the screen), click the Clear button. A transaction listing will display, prompting a confirmation of the transaction.  It will show that all available credits below the selected group will be cleared back to the level currently selected
  5. Click the Ok button

All unused credits will now appear at the highlighted group level.

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