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26. Administrator - Invigilator Keys


Invigilating Tests

Invigilating tests can be completed by an Invigilator, or an Administrator, using their login details to open the test for the Candidate.  An alternative and more time effective method of invigilating is for an Invigilator Key to be created and used to open the tests for multiple Candidates at the same time.  The Invigilator Key is only valid during a specific time frame, which is defined when the key is created. The key, together with the time frame, is used to start the testing session.

Invigilator Keys

To create an Invigilator Key:

  1. Click the Organization drop down (located on the top left of the screen)
  2. Click Manage Invigilator Keys from the task list
  3. Click the Create button
  4. Add the parameters for the Invigilator Key as required
  5. Insert the start date and time of the session. Please note that the time format depends on your locale
  6. Select the duration of the session from the Duration drop down; the key can only be used for this duration from the start time
  7. It is possible to set a limit for the number of tests that can be started (per Candidate) by clicking the drop down arrow for the Max number of tests per student in this session and selecting as required. Please note that by selecting 1, students will be able to use the key to start one test only (suspended tests can be resumed regardless of this limit) 
  8. Optionally, the Hide results tick box can be used to hide the results page after the test has been completed; if left unchecked, the results page will show as usual so click the Hide results tick box if required
  9. It is also possible to opt to limit the Invigilator Key to a specific module by clicking the drop down arrow for the Module to be tested menu and selecting the relevant module
  10. Click the Save button (located bottom left of the Create Invigilator Keys screen)

Controlled Access for Invigilator Keys

By default, an Invigilator Key can be used by anyone to logon to a test.  An Invigilator Key can now be limited so that the key is valid for a certain group of users only. This is controlled via the Invigilator tab for a group/folder.

  1. Highlight the group that the key is valid for in the tree structure
  2. Click the Invigilator tab
  3. Select the tick box by the side of the key
  4. Click the Save button

Delete an Invigilator Key

An Invigilator Key can be deleted by selecting the Cancel button to the right of the relevant Invigilator Key in the Manage Invigilator Keys screen (under Organization).

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