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27. Administrator - Results



The results of individual Candidates can be seen under each Candidate’s Results tab.

To access the results from the Administration Results tab:

  1. Find the Candidate in the tree view or via a search
  2. Select the Results tab. A list of results for that Candidate will be displayed
  3. To view further details or to print the individual test result, click the test name. A student can access their results as soon as they have completed the test (or after a delay if the Hide results facility has been used with an Invigilator Key)

The results are also available after the test in the Catalogue view.

To view the results for a group of Candidates please see the Administrator- Standard Reporting section.

End Test

A system administrator can end an incomplete test on behalf of a candidate, without the need to open the test.

If you would like to use this feature please contact support to check requirements for setup.

Once the End Test functionality is enabled:

  1. Click the End button to the right of the relevant test
  2. A message will appear to confirm the action. Click OK to confirm or Cancel to stop the action

The test will then show as ended and a score will be provided and the end time logged.

Adding External Results

The result of a test taken outside of the testing system can be added into ATLAS Cloud by an Administrator. The result will then be included in the Candidate’s Results page and in the overall reporting.

In order to add an external (Other automated) or Manual result to a user, the relevant unit(s) must first be assigned to the Candidate.

  1. Select the Candidate that the external result belongs to
  2. Click the Assignments tab
  3. Select Unassigned from the Show drop down menu (under the Assignments title)
  4. Select Other automated or Manual from the Category drop down menu as required
  5. In the list of resources, click the Use checkbox (in the furthest left hand column) against each of the items to be assigned
  6. Click the Save button

Next, a balance must be made available in the relevant category on the Balance tab.

  1. With the Candidate still selected in the organisation tree, click the Balance tab
  2. Allocate the required number of Other automated or Manual credits (one for each result) in the normal way (See the Administrator - Allocating Test Credits section); please note that Other automated and Manual credits are available free of charge

With the assignments and credits in place, the results can now be added.

  1. Select the Results tab
  2. Select the Add external Result button (at the bottom of the screen)
  3. From the drop down menu select the Resource (test) for which you wish to add the result
  4. Enter the Date and Examinator (Invigilator) details. Please note that the time format depends on your locale 
  5. Enter the Candidate’s score; this must be a value between 0-100
  6. Finally, click the Save button

The new results should now be visible on the Results tab and via reporting.

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