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32. Administrator - The Pending report


The Pending Report only displays those users who have not started tests assigned to them.

Please note that within the search parameters, it is only possible to choose from the resources that are assigned to the selected group. 

Creating the Report

In order to create the Pending Report:

  1. Select the group/folder from the tree structure
  2. Once the folder is highlighted, select the Reports drop down (located to the right of the Organization drop down)
  3. Select Pending Report from the list

Search Parameters

The two search parameters are shown.

  1. Click on the Resource drop down menu and select the relevant Resource to report on
  2. Click the Run Report button

Please note that the Knowledge Objective needs to be enabled in the Assignments tab. Knowledge Objectives can be assigned in the same way as any Diagnostic or Certification test via the Assignments tab. See the Administrator - Assignments and Limits Section for more details.

Report Results

The results of the report can be reviewed online, printed or output to Text file.

Report Output

The reports will show online by default.

Reviewing Online

The report appears, showing all of the outstanding modules that the user needs to pass in order to achieve the qualification. 

Please note if a Candidate’s previous manual or other automated results have been added onto ATLAS Cloud, these will be taken into account when the report is run.

Printing the Report

Once the results are available online a Print button will be displayed.

If there are a lot of results, the print button appears at the end of the results page. The scroll down facility can be used to access it.

Output Report to Text

The report can be output to Text file by choosing the report parameter Text under the Output format field.

  1. Click the Output format drop down
  2. Select Text
  3. Choose any other search parameters required
  4. Select Run Report

Once the report is run, a message automatically appears for a Text file to be opened or saved.  Either open the Text file or save the file so it is available outside of the system.

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