PSI International

35. Administrator - The Certificate Report


The Certificate Report presents the users that have completed a Knowledge Objective (ECDL/ICDL Certificate).

Creating the Report

In order to create the Certificate Report:

  1. Select the group/folder from the tree structure
  2. Once the folder is highlighted, select the Reports drop down (located to the right of the Organization drop down)
  3. Select Certificate Report from the list

Search Parameters

The list of search parameters is shown.

  1. Select the Certificate/s from the available list and select the Require all selected certificates tick box if multiple are selected
  2. Optionally, choose a date range:
  3. Click in the From field and enter the start date in the format for the locale (or use the calendar icon to choose a date - use the arrows to move between months)
  4. Click in the To field and enter the end date in the format for the locale (or use the calendar icon to choose a date - use the arrows to move between months)
  5. Add a name into the Username filter to report for a specific user
  6. Select the Show module results tick box if required
  7. Select the Output format drop down to select the alternative output of a text file
  8. Once all parameters have been chosen, select the Run Report button

Report Results

The results will appear and show all users that have completed the specified Knowledge Objective certificate for the specified group.

Report Output

The results of the report can be reviewed online, printed or output to a Text file.

Reviewing Online

The reports will show online by default.

Printing the Report

Once the results are available online, a Print button is displayed to the bottom left of the results.

If there are a lot of results, the print button appears at the end of the results page. The scroll down facility can be used to access it.

Output Report to Text

The report can be output to a Text file by choosing the report parameter Text under the Output format field.

  1. Click the Output format drop down
  2. Select Text
  3. Choose any other search parameters required
  4. Select Run Report

Once the report is run, a message automatically appears for a Text file to be opened or saved. Either open the Text file or save the file so it is available outside of the system.

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