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19. Administrator - Candidate Self-Registration



A Candidate can create their own user account via the login page if self- registration has been enabled by an Administrator.

This method can be used for Corporate Organisations but should not be used for Schools and Test Centres taking Certification tests by external providers, for example via BCS. 

Enable Self-Registration

The self-registration is applied at folder level in ATLAS Cloud.

To enable the self-registration:

  1. Highlight the folder where the Candidates will be added on self-registration. This can be the top level Candidates folder or one of the sub folders.
  2. Select the Allow self-registration of users(s) tick box
  3. Click the Save Changes button

The Activation Key will appear just below the Allow self-registration of user(s) tick box in the Activation Key field. Any Candidates using the self-registration facility will need this key when setting up their accounts.

Please note that once the key has been created it cannot be changed. The key also cannot be manually created.

Now provide the Activation key created to the Candidates.

Candidate Self-Registration

The Candidates can now self-register via the login page with the Activation Key:

  1. Open the ATLAS Cloud login page
  2. Click the Self Registration link (below the Username and Password fields)
  3. Complete the fields in the Self registration page:
  • Type the Activation Key in the Activation Key field
  • Type the Username in the Username field (the candidate can choose or you will need to provide them with your set format)
  • Type the password in the Enter a password field
  • Retype the same password in the Confirm password field
  • Click the Create account button

The candidate will now be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of using ATLAS Cloud. They should tick the I accept the terms of this agreement tick box to carry on. Their account will now be available and they will see the Catalogue screen.

The Candidate should then complete their personal details on the Profile page:

  1. Select their Name drop down in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Select Profile from the drop down list
  3. Fill in any of the details in the Edit Profile page
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen

The Candidate account is now set up. 

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