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03. The Candidate Experience - Navigating in the Test (Part 2)


The simplest way to navigate within a test is by clicking the Answer button. This will confirm the answer and move on to the next unanswered question. Alternatively, select the Next or Prev question buttons either side of the Nav (navigation) button.

Skipping to the Next Question

A question can be skipped and answered later on in the test by selecting the Next button (located to the right of the Nav button in the Control Panel).

To skip a question:

  1. Click the Next button 

Skipping to a Particular Question

If a particular question is to be selected from the test, the Nav button can be used to open the Navigation window and then the question chosen.

To skip to a particular question or go back to a flagged question:

  1. Click the Nav button (located to the left of the Next button)

Please note the Prev button and the Nav button are disabled during Certification tests.

The Navigation window lists all questions within the test along with the first few words of the question text. The current question will be highlighted and to move on to a different question, simply click on the question number. There is no limit to the number of times you can navigate past a question.

To return back to the original question:

  1. Click the Close button

OR to choose an alternative question:

  1. Select the question link from the list of questions shown

Key to the Navigation Window

The Navigation window shows columns with the following information:

Columns            Description

#                         Question Number

State                  Whether the question is answered or unanswered

Flagged             Whether the question is flagged to be looked at again

Item text            Question text (only first part shown)

Please note that rules for Certification tests do not allow Candidates to change answers to questions they have previously answered. For any instances of a Candidate being unsure how to answer the question and wanting to leave the question to answer later on, we advise the Next button is used to move on to the next question and then come back to that question later in the test (if time allows). This rule does not apply to Diagnostic tests where previous answers can be changed and it is possible to bring up the navigation panel.

Returning Back to Skipped Questions

It is possible to return back to a question that has been skipped or flagged at any point in a Diagnostic test.

To go back to an unanswered question:

  1. Click the Nav button (located to the left of the Next button in the Control Panel)
  2. Select the question link to return back

Skipped Questions at the End of the Test

When the last question is answered, the test will automatically cycle round to questions that were skipped in order.

Please note that some tests will not allow questions to be skipped. For example, it is not possible to skip questions in the Improving Productivity tests.


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