PSI International

12. Administrator - Searching for Users


Detailed Search

The more detailed, classic search function provides additional fields to search upon, including wildcards.  Searching for username "jane*", for example, will find all users beginning with the letters “jane...”, including Janet etc.

Start a detailed search by:

  1. Selecting the group folder from the tree structure that you wish to search in
  2. Click the Organization drop down (located on the top left of the screen)
  3. Select Search user
  4. The search criteria screen is shown. Add the appropriate parameter/s (Username, First name, Surname, Date of birth)
  5. Select the Search button

Please note the following:

  • The Show removed users tick box should only be used if the user has previously been removed from the system
  • The search parameters are not case sensitive
  • The more information added, the more exact the search will be

Viewing the Results

The search results are shown in the same manner, regardless of whether the quick or detailed search facility is used.

If the search result is a unique match, it will be found and selected in the group tree structure.

If there are several users that match the criteria then a list will be shown. To select the relevant user from the list, choose the link for the correct user under the Username column.

It is possible to filter the results by selecting the arrows beside each of the search results headings.

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