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28. Administrator - Reporting Overview


The standard reports can be accessed by all Administrators in ATLAS Cloud.

Please note that custom reports are not standard within ATLAS Cloud and therefore are not included here.

It is important to highlight within the tree structure the Organisation, User or group for whom the report is to be produced, before accessing the report drop down.

Please note that the All Results Report, the Consumption Report and the Volume  Report require the Organisation/Test Centre level to be selected prior to accessing the report drop down.

Each standard report is accessed via the Reports drop down (located to the right of the Organization drop down) and can be viewed online, filtered, output to file and printed.

Please note that when a report is shown in grey and cannot be accessed, either the access has been restricted or the correct level in the tree structure has not been selected, as noted above.

The most commonly used reports are covered in the next sections.

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