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34. Administrator - The Volume Report


The Volume Report presents how many tests are taken during a certain period. The report displays a graph of usage for the selected interval.

Creating the Report

In order to create the Volume Report:

  1. Select the Organisation/Test Centre Level from the tree structure
  2. Once the Organisation/Test Centre Level is highlighted, select the Reports drop down (located to the right of the Organization drop down)
  3. Select Volume Report from the list

Search Parameters

The only search parameter for the Volume Report is the Category.

  1. The report can be filtered to specific categories using the Category drop-down menu. The default is to search on All Categories
  2. Select the Run Report button

Report Results

A graph appears showing the number of tests taken each year.

Report Output

The results of the report can be reviewed online or printed.

Reviewing Online

The reports will show online by default.

Printing the Report

Once the results are available online, a Print button will be displayed at the bottom of the graph.

More Detailed Reporting

To access the usage details of each month for a particular year, click on the required year column. The graph will then show the monthly breakdown of tests taken for that year.

To access the details of each day of the month of the year selected, click on the required month column.

The graph will then show the daily breakdown of the tests taken for that month. Clicking a specific day will show the breakdown for that day also.

Please note that there is a print button available for each of the graphs so they can all be printed.

To exit out of the report at any point, click the Close button.

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