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ATLAS Cloud 2.1609-1 Release Notes


The information below details the main updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud 2.1609-1: 

Improved user experience

There have been improvements to enhance the user experience on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Automatic emailing of results page: ATLAS Cloud can be setup to automatically send an email to the candidate and/or manager on completion of a test. The details provided are configured in the html email template and can include items such as score, result date, exam taken, passing score, and score per topic
  • Automatic emailing of certificate: the system can be setup to email a certificate pdf automatically upon the successful completion/passing of an exam
  • Disable/enable answer feedback for practice tests: if a test allows for question/answer feedback, then the candidate can choose to disable or enable the feedback provided during the test

Improved administrator functionality

There have been improvements to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Specific user certificate reporting: an administrator can filter the certificate report by name so only the specific user's certificate is shown
  • Completed modules for certificate reporting: the administrator can list the completed modules in a certificate report 
  • Expiry and target date display: if available, and the setting applied in item banking, the expiry date will be shown for the candidate on the Catalogue screen. A target date can also be applied via assignments instead. Diploma certificates are stopped from being downloaded after expiry. There is also an option available to hide the diplomas with expired results
  • Enhanced API importing: an administrator can import users into ATLAS Cloud using an activation code to place them in the correct group when using the API. There is also improved validation for self registration

Item Banking

There have been improvements to the flexibility of customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • Update to the standard theme: a pdf document can be made available on the right hand side of the candidate screen for reference at any time during the test. This is possible by adding the reference document to the test item within item banking administration
  • Export excel template related to a stream: it is possible to export an excel template including the stream ID, resource ID and a list of associated question numbers that exist within a stream
  • Item banking translations: item bank controls including buttons, labels and menu items can now be translated
  • Multiple item cloning: many items can be cloned at the same time maintaining all information from the original item for each clone


There has been an enhancement to the access to support in ATLAS Cloud:

  • Access to help: once logged into ATLAS Cloud, there is now direct access to the ATLAS Cloud Online Administrator Guide using the Help option that can be found within the drop down menu on the top right of ATLAS Cloud (located just above logout)

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the PSI support team. 

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