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ATLAS Cloud 2.1610-1 release notes


The information below details the main updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud 2.1610-1: 

Improved user experience

There have been improvements to enhance the user experience on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Social media enhancement: Improvement in the look of social media postings
  • Improved self registration validation: there is improved error handling of invalid and missing data with error messaging

Improved administrator functionality

There has been an improvement to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Input length validation: there is more refined length validation on input fields. A visible counter is shown when nearing the maximum length

Item Banking

There have been improvements to the flexibility of customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • Sortable item stream listing: it is now possible to display the items in a stream, in a particular sort order, using the 'Sortable' view mode. The same type of items can be displayed together for ease of administration
  • Multiple select checkbox: the checkbox in the title bar enables all items listed to be selected. Multiple selection is also possible using click/shift/click. As a result, the column selection icon has now moved to the right of the item listing
  • Improved administrator navigation: administrators can now open a link to an item in a new tab or window to ease administration navigation
  • Improved test structure editing: it is now possible to edit the test structure in a stream, as well as, copy and paste test structures from the action menu. These are now editable by the Test Administrator 
  • Use of previous version items: it is now possible to change the state of a 'Published', 'Removed', and 'Replaced' item to a 'Develop' state
  • Metadata read only switch: the metadata can be set to write-once ('read-only') permission rights
  • Metadata mandatory fields: it is now possible to set metadata as mandatory when creating an item bank. Mandatory metadata fields must be populated before you can publish an item
  • Edited stream statistics display: the display of edited streams, prior to republishing, now also show stream statistics in the overview

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the PSI support team.

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