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ATLAS Cloud 2.1712 Release Notes


The information below details the updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud 2.1712: 

Improved user experience

There have been improvements to enhance the user experience on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Accessibility line reader mask: a user now has access to a line reader mask tool which is a movable box with a line-sized slot in it where a candidate can focus on reading only one line of text at a time. This allows users to mask parts of an item and only view a portion of that item through the window. The tool can be turned on or off by the user and is movable anywhere on screen, as well as resizable, and is a great accessibility enhancement
  • Answer eliminator: An item bank test administrator can enable and disable an item property which allows users to eliminate multiple choice question alternatives during a test. This allows users to eliminate the options they believe to be wrong as they work out their answer
  • Mask answer choices:  the mask answer tool allows a block to be placed over each alternative to mask that answer completely. The tool is selectable by the user and then when selected, the mask option appears next to each alternative. It is similar to answer eliminator above but it masks the whole of the answer alternative chosen
  • Magnifying glass: users now have a magnifier tool to magnify items on the page. This currently supports information pages, multiple choice questions, and essay type questions. The zoom level is controlled by the browsers zoom level. This is a great accessibility enhancement
  • Text Highlighter: a test administrator can enable an item property that allows users to add and remove highlight annotations to selected text during a test. Another great accessibility tool
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: users can now use keyboard shortcut keys to navigate through the test and to toggle accessibility tools on and off 
  • Session time out re-direct: a user accessing the catalogue will be given an error message and directed back to the login page, if their session has timed out
  • Hide assessment timer: it is now possible for a user to show or hide the clock during a test, provided the clock has been enabled by the item bank test administrator in test properties 
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out: provided the test property Allow Zooming is set to yes by an item bank test administrator, and the user is taking an ATLAS Cloud test, they can zoom in and out whilst in the process of taking the test. This is great for accessibility and also for usability
  • Flagged Counter enhancement: The counter for the number of flagged items within a test will now only show the number of flagged items for the current section and not for the whole of the test

Improved administrator functionality

There has been an improvement to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Pause, resume and terminate a test when using the Booking Integrator: it is now possible for a system administrator, via the virtual server settings, to pause, resume and terminate a test for a user that is using Booking Integrator. The user will receive error messages accordingly

Item banking

There have been improvements for those using ATLAS Cloud to create their own item banks for customised testing. The enhancements are:

  • Save as Word format and functionality enhancement: when an item bank administrator saves a test as Word, the following attributes can be exported and the formatting retained including bullets, tables, and images: item stem; item alternatives; images; associated friends and enemies; associated metadata and MPL; workflow state; word count; language; and comments. There is also an option to export a camera ready copy for the items and alternatives. 
  • Item bank usage period: it is now possible for an administrator to limit users access to an item bank to specific dates using the resource limits start/end dates functionality in the assignments tab 
  • Raw cut off score: it is now possible to apply a raw cut off score (points) rather than a percentage for test and streams. This also works with the Booking Integrator API call get_results
  • Customised test and stream versions: An item bank editor can set a customised test version number and stream version number up to 10 characters in length. The version number of the test is displayed on the user result page and the stream version number is displayed in the extended result log 
  • Labelling for multiple choice alternatives: additional labeling functionality has been added for multiple choice question alternatives which allows alphabetical, roman numeral, and numbers to label the choices. For example: 1,2 3; A, B, C; or I, II, III 

Should you have any questions or require further information on any of the above, please contact the PSI support team. 

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