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ATLAS Cloud 2016 Product Release Summary


The information below details the main updates included in the release of ATLAS Cloud for the whole of 2016. Please click the more links below to reference further details:

Improved user experience

There have been improvements to enhance the user experience on ATLAS Cloud:

  • Restyled user interface from ET2 to ATLAS Cloud more
  • No www. prefix on ATLAS Cloud URL to enable improvements to infrastructure more
  • Automatic results page email to the candidate/and or manager on completion of a test more
  • Automatic certificate email to candidate on successful completion/passing of an exam more
  • Ability to post results on social media including improvement in look more
  • Self registration validation with invalid and missing data error more
  • Candidates can disable/enable answer feedback during practice tests, only if enabled in administration more
  • Standardised reset password process using an automatically emailed reset password link more
  • Mouse display interaction changes more
  • Invigilation key conditioning more
  • Test start time recorded on the result page more
  • Comment button available in tests for candidate to provide a comment to each question. These comments can be reported on my the administrator using the Item Comment report
  • Prevent question text selection ensuring users cannot select the question text during a test 

Improved administrator functionality

There have been improvements to enhance the administrator functionality on ATLAS Cloud:

  • User specific search for certificate reporting via an additional search filter more
  • Activation code validation for API importing to enable matching to correct group more
  • Input length validation using a visible counter close to maximum length more
  • Completed modules available on certificate reporting with search parameter setting more
  • Expiry and target date displayed on the candidate's catalogue screen unless the certificate has expired after which time they will be stopped from being downloaded and, if required, can be hidden from view more
  • Improved user interaction log to enable improved diagnostics
  • Cross group reporting provided for Managers more
  • Results report columns available increased more
  • Photo/picture can be added, with maximum size of 300x300 in png or jpg format, to a user profile by an administrator on the administrator view, or by the candidate on the user profile page, and it will be shown to the user on the catalogue screen
  • Manual marking allows an admin user to edit and change the candidate SCORM test result for an incomplete or complete test. Date/time, duration, score and status can be adjusted and applied to the candidate result

Item banking

There have been improvements to the flexibility of customised testing. The enhancements include:

  • Update to the standard theme with a pdf document available for reference more
  • Export excel template related to a stream with stream details more
  • Sortable item stream listing with the use of the sortable view mode more
  • Multiple select checkbox enabling all items listed to be selected more
  • Open a link to an item in a new tab or window assisting administration navigation more
  • Test structure editing within a stream including copying and pasting test structures more
  • Previous item versions re-activated into a develop state from a published, removed, or replaced state more
  • Metadata read only switch limiting permission rights more
  • Metadata mandatory fields ensuring their presence when creating an item bank more
  • Edited stream statistics display as an overview on edited streams, prior to republishing more
  • Item banking translations possible for item bank controls including buttons, labels and menu items more
  • Single item cloning available for an individual item to be cloned more
  • Multiple item cloning allowing many items to be cloned at the same time more
  • Item access permissions only allows administrators to see items they have permission to edit more
  • Improved role permissions providing greater demarcation on what can be locked down more
  • Improved substream administration more
  • Advanced MPL administration more
  • Improved test sequencing more
  • Individual scoring of multiple choice question answers more
  • Drag and drop for object ordering provides flexibility more
  • Resizable rectangle and custom polygon drop area available for hotspot and drag and drop questions more
  • 3 level mandatory measuring point list (MPL) required for the topic hierarchy more
  • Audio play limitation limits the number of times a candidate can play an audio file more
  • Enable/disable candidate comments against a question during a test more
  • Disable Flagging questions can stop the candidates from flagging questions during a test more
  • Column show/hide to ease administration view more
  • Scientific calculator can be applied to a test more
  • End of section review page can be added to a test more
  • Increased object ordering capability to include 5 object ordering selections more
  • Test preview available for different screen resolutions more
  • Multi- language support tags more
  • Sign language videos can be added to tests more
  • Multiple audio files can be assigned to each answer alternative for an item more
  • Multiple image files can be assigned to each answer alternative for an item more
  • Improved import/export facility provides conditional migration of item banks more
  • Export a test to word to be used offline more
  • Dynamic workflow implementation providing comprehensive conditioning structure with an item bank administrator able to define custom transitions between each state more
  • Question mode states can be set as trial, regular or practice within workflow configuration allowing greater flexibility
  • Randomized multiple choice alternatives using the Randomise order of alternatives tick box in the properties of the item
  • Improved managed resource editing which includes renaming resources, confirmation messages on deletion, not being able to add duplicate resources and ability to view content of resource text zip file
  • Metadata filter options are available to choose from in the filters window making filtering items on the items tab quicker and simpler
  • Save preferences option is available under the name drop down in the top right corner of the home page, allowing settings to be saved including column selection, sort order in item listings, page size in item listing, expanded areas for items and filter dialog position
  • MPL text visible in item list page by using the show/hide option within the spanner icon setting
  • Multiple tab web session display for all item bank pages and admin catalogue
  • Bulk item edit enables multiple items to be changed at the same time using the bulk edit function under the actions drop down and changes are applied within workflow 
  • Test validation report updated to support audio capture question type
  • System managed view count metadata field added and displayed within stream details view
  • Test setting comparison display shows setting differences between tests when there are several tests within an item bank 
  • Stream column show/hide is possible using the spanner icon, the same functionality is used within the items tab
  • Test preview link can be generated from the item tab. This link can be passed on and used by others without requiring a login
  • Stream button display updated within the edit stream page
  • Additional stream information provided on the streams page including number of trial items with 0 points, number of anchor items, and which streams are active
  • Warning messages displayed when deleting a test or itembank
  • Metadata display on main item bank page
  • Question text filter sorts items displayed to only show those items that include the words entered into the question text filter 
  • Stream name displayed on the edit items page
  • Use option added to the filter window on the items tab, which allows items to be filtered down to only those that are in use, not used, within a particular test or stream, or any item use


There have been enhancements to the support in ATLAS Cloud:

  • New online ATLAS Cloud administrator guide available via the help centre here more
  • Help option in ATLAS Cloud enables direct access to the ATLAS Cloud online administrator guide more
  • Rebranded in-application java free plugin for ATLAS Cloud
  • In-application java free plugin can be downloaded by a user from the system requirements page accessed via the ATLAS Cloud login page
  • In-application java free check can be run from the login page system requirements link
  • Switch between java and java free testing if the setting is applied by a system administrator in organisation's edit settings
  • In application java free plugin updated to support Office 2016


The following updates assist with the information available in the background to the system:

  • More detailed debug information available to system administrators via the plugin more 

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the PSI support team. 

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